What Our Clients Say

I trained with Nick during my off season in 2016. That off season was the best off season I’ve had in the gym. I gained 20 pounds of muscle and improved my technique in all my lifts. The 2017 season I made the All-Star team and had the best season of my career in professional baseball. Nick is dedicated to his clients and is always striving to make them great. I highly recommend him to all athletes and non-athletes.
— Tanner

Nick is smart. I have a healthcare background and know alot about anatomy and physiology. He puts me through the my paces, but can also answer the questions I have regarding the scientific basis of the training. I appreciate the physical and mental challenges. I’ve gotten stronger physically and mentally. I’m doing things I never considered within my wheelhouse.

My initial goal was improvement in overall strength. Done!
I also lost 1/3 of my body fat, but did not change my weight and am pleased with that. He reminds me the biggest barriers to improvement are in my brain. I’ve been called a badass by others at the gym and I love it.
He’s an amazing coach and a great person.
— Lisa

I had Nick start programming some of my off-season training a few years back and I couldn’t be happier that I did. One of the things I like most about working with Nick, is his passion for seeing his athletes succeed. Many coaches say they do this...but it’s apparent very early on when working with Nick...that he truly lives to see people improving and becoming STRONGER versions of themselves!
— Andrew, USAPL Masters World Team 2017

I was experiencing significant lower back pain and I knew I needed to refocus on my physical health. Nick spent time with me during the next week to determine my strengths and weaknesses and put together a comprehensive training strategy that also focused on my back. After one month of steadily working with Nick, I was able to improve my core strength enough that my lower back pain went away entirely. Meanwhile, I progressed steadily with the other aspects of my workout and continue to make great progress. It was easy to see that Nick really knew what he was doing and he communicated his plan in a way that was easy for me to progress.
— Taylor

One of the biggest things for me is having a coach who knows his stuff. I’ve worked with and been coached by professional athletes before and Nick T. is one of the best!!! I also love how he is able to explain the biomechanics of different movements and is able to modify workouts for me since I’ve had so many injuries. I’m so excited to be back in the gym pushing myself because I know I have the best coach who will help me reach my goals.
— Jodi